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Please view 2nd image in the product gallery to hear audio description of the artwork.


Some days, I imagine I follow the same path as the swallows with their long and treacherous journeys to and from Africa, where at any point along the way they can be confronted with difficult choices to make for survival. And yet, despite the knowledge that each journey has its dangers, they are greeted with the warmth and love of a home they always go back to at the same time every year. 
For me, my home nestled in a forgotten bit of land above the river Tweed but below the border with Scotland, has always been my focus. It has been my goal to return there, to smell the north-east air, to see the starry nights and to keep living each day knowing that everything is going to be okay in the land I love. To live by trusting in what there is above in the skies, where the swallows dance. 

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