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Fistral Flow

The original of this piece depicts the fierce flow of water that swells around Fistral beach.  I have built up the momentum in the deep blue ocean water using sand through the paint, sweeping it across the canvas.  I wanted to really build the texture of the white water in this piece to portray that fierceness, to do this I have used off cuts of fibreglass from surfboard manufacturing.


These off cuts are non recyclable and would normally be destined for landfill, so repurposing them into texture in my art helps the shaper and Gemma be a step closer to being fully eco-friendly.            This reproduction is printed onto  a panel created using recycled ocean plastics, not only another beautiful link to Gemma's  subject matter but also helping to protect the ocean she loves so much.  The oceans should stay beautiful for our generations to come, much like these reproductions of Gemma's art.


original 24x24cm

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