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Please view 2nd image in the product gallery to hear audio description of the artwork.


As I draw this swallow in my studio, the roof lights are wide open and a swallow flies in to see what I am doing. It circles the tall ceiling of the barn studio, with flashes of red as it darts to every angle of the room before making its abrupt exit out into the open air again to carry on its mission of feeding its young. As I look down on a small pencil sketch, I have just finished of a swallow, wings outstretched like that of Christ on the Cross, I notice that the very swallow that had visited that day had pooped on my drawing. Instead of being devastated at the potential ruin of the clean simplicity of the religious pose of the swallow in my sketch, I laughed out loud. 
This completely unique and inimitable moment, this unexpected serendipity, encapsulates how life throws things at us which at first appear to be a blot on our perfect existence. I know now that it is these imperfections that can forge our journeys into an endless sky of beauty and experiences. 

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